• Need new markets for your products?
    Work with us to fully benefit from the rising market
    share of North and Latin America.
  • The world is now shopping more online.
    Amazon, e-Bay, Walmart and other online
    world leaders.
    Do you want to actively take place on these online sales platforms?
    Very easy with us.
  • We bring you together with corporate buyers in
    the same meeting room.
    Don’t you want to participate in roundtable meetings which will be held with
    the purchasing committees of world leader retail
    stores and other B2B corporate buyers?
  • Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject
    ourselves, or we know where we can
    find information upon it.
    Our team is ready for you if you want to start your export
    business with the right local and technical knowledge.
  • Warehousing, customs clearance, shipping,
    customer service…
    Export is a hard job, but it is simple with the right team.
    Very easy with us.
  • Are you aware of the advantages and
    benefits of having a company abroad?
    It is now much easier to have a company abroad
    with our solution partner lawyers and financial advisers.


We are an international consultancy company based in New Jersey, USA, and offer services for four different sales channels in North and Latin America.

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Do you know that 73% of those born in 1980 and later are doing online shopping? You notice that the world’s trade is rapidly moving to online platforms, but you do not know where to start. You are now at the right address. With our “online store structure” and other unique solutions developed by our expert team, it is easy to take part in Amazon, eBay, and 12 online leader platforms. Let us introduce you and your products to the World. Just upload your products to our system.


The dream of all manufacturers is to sell their products in the retail chain stores. Taking part in the world's leading store chains is not very difficult if you have the right contacts and you know how the system works. Work with us to ensure that your products take place on the shelves of the world giant retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Macy, Loews, Costco, BJ Club, TJ MAX, Marshall, Dollar Store.


All manufacturers strongly believe that their products are the best in the market. However, do you know that your opponents think the same thing that they are the best? You can do the proper analysis of your competitors, your strengths and weaknesses, profitability, benefit and costs, marketing and branding if and only if you have the right local knowledge you get from the local and experienced experts.


You produced and sold your products. You think that the rest of the other processes are none of your business? It was the truth in the past, but in the new world trade rules, you have to make sure that your goods reach the end-user. Whether you have sold it online or to corporate buyers, we deliver your products with confidence to the final location and produce economic, effective and efficient solutions with our expert partners in every field you may need.


In a globalizing world, it is not difficult to continue your business activities with your own name in the countries where you trade or plan to do business abroad. All you have to do is to work with our local lawyers and financial advisers who are experts in the local frame for administrative, commercial and regulatory issues. We offer the right company formation for you.

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Brad Harvey

Co Founder

Chad Smith

Co Founder

İsmail Uslu

Co Founder

Yasin Küçük

IT & Consulting & Advisor

Sercan Küçük

UI/UX designer

Maria Merizalde

Marketer & Consulting Colombia

Ahmet Ege

Sales & Operation

John Roman

Team Leader & Sales

Aralii Dyer

Marketing & Consulting Peru , Argentina

Sadik Vural

Brand Consultant

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Business Sales

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How much do you know the countries and markets where you plan to sell your products? What is the degree of your knowledge for the following factors that affect your sales and market shares?

Market actors and dynamics

Consumer habits and behaviors

Work patterns and working cultures

Expectations of supplier and buyers, and the relations between them

Country-specific legal, financial and administrative structure



By corporate buyers, we mean two target groups. The first one is the sales which are defined as B2B and are contacted directly by the corporate buyer. The second is sales to international chain stores and distributors, such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Bestbuy, which include longer and demanding processes, but a large volume of sales and earnings.
We can find corporate customers from every sector or industry for all kinds of products.
It is impossible to make an appointment directly for the business meeting with chain stores.
If you contact the right person, appointments can be made quickly. Therefore, a preliminary analysis of products, other procedures and processes proceed rapidly and precisely.
We have broad network and professional expertise based on our cooperation, business partners and success stories with such world giant stores. As a result, we bring you together with many B2B customers and provide you with exceptional competitive advantages.
Yes, there is a difference. The buying process of world giant stores such as Walmart, Target, Bestbuy is quite long, hard and confusing. They do not receive products directly from a country outside the US. They seek an interlocutor in the United States. You will need to work with an intermediary or set up a company abroad.
The procedures and rules for chain stores are very detailed and rigid. If you manage the whole process after the B2B roundtable meetings, sales may start after a period of 1.5-2 years. As soon as you start to sell in such chain stores, you will need excellent coordination and organization to continually struggle against these procedures and rule ball.
If everything goes well in the negotiations, you can start to earn million dollars of revenue in a short time due to the enormous customer potential of such stores.
On the other side, in the B2B process, the buyer is directly involved in the process and sales can begin immediately after the necessary negotiations are made. The process is shorter, simpler and straightforward, but the critical point is having the right network to communicate with these buyers.


There is no obligation to establish a company to perform overseas sales of your products. However, having a company or office abroad may be advantageous in some cases.

Your company's presence can be an advantage for you to respond to some of your customers 'or suppliers' requests and demands and to address their problems. However, the cost of having a modest office abroad will be very high. We can serve you as your overseas office and reduce your risk and cost.

However, some of the online stores want your presence in that country. If you wish, our financial advisers and lawyers will provide support in this regard.
As NMC, we work in partnership with the lawyers and certified public accountants. We provide you with the most appropriate services for not having any financial loss and legal problems. We will establish the most accurate company structure, bookkeeping, and staffing.
We have partnerships with CPA offices in the US and other countries. After we analyze your company figures and future plans, we will propose you the right company model. Hence, you will have the most advantageous conditions in terms of financial and taxation issues.
A warehouse or optimum inventory level is critical to ensure that products reach end users or suppliers on time. Especially in the US market, the consumer's rights are so strong which can cause contract termination because of not fulfilling the demands on time. Accurate and efficient fulfillment of such requests may generate higher demand and substantial profit.

For example, the immediate delivery option for online sales is more expensive, but it is highly preferred. If you have a warehouse, you will not have any time loss and the immediate delivery option will always be profitable for you.
However, because we have a profound knowledge of country-specific issues, expertise in warehousing and transportation, and a broad business network, we receive special discounts for these areas.

We apply these discounts to you by taking advantage of scale economy. We inform you at every stage of your transactions.

We offer you economic, practical and result-oriented services in these difficult and costly processes that require coordination and organization.


First of all, you need to login to our system by purchasing our services.
Then, you should enter some information about your product and your company in the relevant section of our website.
After entering this information, the brief product report will be automatically prepared and sent online to the purchasing committee of B2B corporate buyers and chain stores.
The buyer will make a preliminary assessment of your products or products in terms of sales potential and some technical elements. In addition to your preparations for attending the international trade show and B2B roundtable meeting, you may need to make additional slight revisions before you start your journey, depending on the results of this preliminary evaluation.
You can contact us for your questions, comments, and suggestions.
We provide services for the Northern and Latin America markets where we have been doing business for a long time and have a broad business network.
We provide services for four sales channels. These are;
1-World famous online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and others
2-Creation of your own sales-based web page,
3- World-famous giant retail chain stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot
4- B2B corporate customers


We sell your products on 12 online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Jet.Com, Zululu, Overstock.

Depending on the sales figures that we receive from the online sales, we will market your products to global giant retail chain stores such as Walmart, Target, Costco, BJ, SAMS Club Loews, Home Depot, and distributors and wholesalers who sell products to these stores.
With our experience in online sales, where the world trade is getting more and more focused every day, we bring you a new sales channel. In this context, we offer the following services using the "online store creation tool" developed by our IT team.

Creating an account on international online sales platforms and brand registration,
Development of your own web page on online sales platforms,
Creation of the product page,
The Right content, correct translation,
Entering your products into the system,
Determining the right product categories,
Determination of keywords, SEO optimization,
Creating and managing social media accounts,
Monitoring and analysis of customer feedback,
Inventory monitoring and management.
Product pages are the most critical factor for your online sales success because the online visitor who is reviewing your product will either turn into a customer or stop buying the product.
Therefore, consumers need to easily reach your product pages while eliminating these search results one by one. Because these pages are the last round in persuading customers to buy something, it is critical that they are visually appealing, provide correct and useful knowledge, include consumer reviews, and answer the last minute questions customers may have.

In preparing the product page, our team of experts will take into consideration the technical and visual needs and will create the right content with the most accurate translation and will make the word and visual choices accordingly. Our goal is to turn the visitor who is reviewing your product into a customer.
Research and analysis of your products for entering into a new market will be carried out by our experts. These analyzes will be carried out within the framework of norms such as market positioning, packaging, product content, translation. According to the results of the analysis the products that are ready will be in the market within four months and the products that are not ready will be placed on the market within the same period after the necessary revisions are made.


There are two significant reasons.
The first is that we have a service that can be more profitable for you in commercial terms. After the exhibitions, we bring you together with the buyers in the roundtable B2B business meetings.
Secondly, we organize tour programs for many chambers of industry and commerce, sector cooperation organizations and ministries. We provide this service with the most reliable and highest quality by a firm currently owned by our company partners.
B2B Roundtable Business Meeting Program means bringing you together with the buyers in the same meeting room.

Participating in trade fairs is beneficial for understanding the latest developments, getting inspiration, presenting your product and meeting with new people. However, it may not always yield fruitful results.

For this reason, if you participate in the B2B Roundtable Business Meeting Program, which will be organized just after the international fairs that you have attended by our tour program, you will be able to take the most concrete steps of an enormous the trade.
If you are interested in our programs, you need to register as soon as possible to be one of the limited numbers of participants.

We organize our B2B roundtable meeting programs with close collaboration with chambers of industry and commerce and other industrial unions. Accordingly, it is possible to form the trade committee in a pretty short time.

In order to provide you with a more result-oriented service and bring you together with the most reputable buyers, purchasing our services three months before the fair starts would be beneficial for both sides.
Transportation, transfers, accommodation, lunch, snacks during the meeting and organization of the meeting space are included.
The B2B roundtable business meeting program is a 2-day event which will be held just after the trade show. The entire duration is the sum of the duration of the trade show and that of the roundtable meeting.

If you prefer to participate in an independent B2B meeting program, but not the one with the trade show, then the total duration is 7 nights and 8 days for each country.

Since our goal is to provide you with the highest quality services that you deserve, we organize our programs in groups of 15-30 people at a time.

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We help our clients market to the world and inspire minds of people


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