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External insulating plaster (Expanded glass)

External insulating plaster (Expanded glass)


It is a glass bead based, polymer reinforced special external insulating plaster. MOMENTUM FN 25 is a mixture of which 99% consists of organic raw materials which is applied by being mixed with water in order to provide water, heat, sound and common insulation at your buildings. When applied to external and internal walls of the buildings, it saves 40-50% of thermal energy. It protects the buildings against factors such as rainfall, snow and sun. It ensures your building to be ventilated. It is made of A1 class inflammable material. It provides a healthy environment by preventing formations such as moisture, mold, water mold, etc. from occurring at the buildings by way of its permeable material. It is an environment-friendly material..
Areas of Application:
Restoration of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, pumice concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, plaster board, pre-cast concrete panel, OSB, steel constructions, old constructions and antiques, internal and external insulations.

Application: Wall surfaces to be applied should be cleaned and if there are defects on the surfaces, these defects should be removed. Plaster beads are assembled to the building surface at regular intervals. Material previously prepared is filled in between plaster beads through a steel trowel or plaster machine. Then, plaster surplus between plaster beads is removed by leveling with a gauge. A decorative-textured or plain look is provided to the surface through steel trowel. If demanded, painting is applied to the surface 48 hours after the application..