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About Us

NMC EXPORTER has been serving international manufacturer since 2015 aiming to have them to enter North and Latin America retail and online markets by providing her tools know how and networks.

Why should you work with us?

Sound Knowledge on Local Market Dynamics

We have a team of experts who have sound knowledge of product and segment diversity in the market, supplier and buyer relationships, sales volume, unit cost, and pricing.

A Broad and Effective Business Network

We have an effective and broad B2B business network based on our close cooperation with online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and on the close contacts of our business partners

We Know What the Consumer Expectations are

We have the profound knowledge of the cultural characteristics, sociological structure, consumer behavior patterns and hence determine the strategy accordingly.

A Perfect Road Map

We prepare an excellent roadmap covering all the processes such as product review, meeting at the same table, marketing, sales by our team who are experts in the country-specific market dynamics and social structure.

Cost Advantage

Instead of setting up and operating your own team abroad where you do not have much idea about its market dynamics, we act as an overseas office for you.  We reduce your risk and cost and provide you with a significant competitive advantage.

Our Success in Customs, Warehouse and Transport Processes

We offer you economic, practical and result-oriented services in the costly processes that require coordination and organization such as customs clearance, warehouse, transportation.

Visual Perception Radar

We have the intense expertise and extensive professional knowledge on online sales platforms to ensure that customers inspecting your products will be caught up by the ”visual perception radar."

Analysis of Customer Feedbacks

We negotiate with the customers to understand the reasons for their negative feedbacks and ensure the removal of them and hence radical increases in positive customer feedback.

The First Ranks in Search Engines

We apply tactics by using the necessary algorithms to ensure your products will be seen on the first pages on online sales platforms.

Like in our Motto ; You focus production we focus selling