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Alarm Unit
Alarm Unit

Alarm Unit


The medical gas system are mainly designed to inform the related users and technical
staff, visibly and audibly, in case malfunctions and failures in different parts of the medical gas system and are installed at various diffent locations, where the audible and visible signals can be easily detected by the users, depending on different type.
Our alarm devices are intended to report information relevant to working conditions of a
medical gas source of supply and pipeline distribution systems installed within the
different departments.
Devices are basically made of the following parts:

  • Front panel provided with LCD display, visual and acoustic indicators, test, reset, mute
  • push buttons;
  • Printed circuit with electronic component and terminals for power supply and signals;
  • Box for external wall mounting.


LCD display contains an adjustable background with many color / brightness options.
The self test; the alarm signals (Green, Yellow, and Red), the LED indicators on the front
panel, the audible horn, and displays all of the alarm set points.
This alarm gives visual and audible indication this situation;
1. Too high or too low distribution pressure,
2. Too high intermediate pressure,
3. Leakage on the non-operating gas cylinder bank,
4. When change of operating side has been affected.
Easy-to-use menu screen
Easy closure of unused gases


Product Name : Area Valve Service Units
2 x16 characters blue or green back light screen
Dimensions : 178 mm x 128 mm x 68 mm
The panel have test and cancel button, Ethernet connection
Tracking of up to 5 gas and vacuum lines
Data transfer via RS485 - modbus
Can be mounted to walls and boards
They have relay output for all gases (optionally)
4 different measurement units avaliable. Bar, psi, mmHg, atm, unit options.
Remotely visible red alarm led for each channel
Bright blue led showing normal opera°tion for each channel
İnputs protected against and voltage spikes
Microprocessor-controlled electronic system
Multi-language options