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Gas Probes
Gas Probes
Gas Probes
Gas Probes
Gas Probes
Gas Probes

Gas Probes


Reanimed probes are produced according to international standards
by using a special labelling for gases. They are used to supply necessary
gases from terminal units to the patient or medical equipment.

Used to provide direct output of gas from central system
Direct connection to the device using hose connection
Can be usable (O2, N2O, MA4, MA7, VAC)
Can make DIN, BS, NF norm
Made of choreme plated brass material


Product Name : Gas Probes
Product Code : AKS.A0111 (AF Co2)
AKS.A0102 (AF Ma4)
AKS.A0099 (AF N2O)
AKS.A0096 (AF O2)
AKS.A0105 (AF Sa7)
AKS.A0108 (AF VAC)
AKS.A0110 (BS Co2)
AKS.A0101 (BS Ma4)
AKS.A0208 (BS N2)
AKS.A0098 (BS N2O)
AKS.A0095 (BS O2)
AKS.A0104 (BS Sa7)
AKS.A0107 (BS VAC)
AKS.A0109 (DIN Co2)
AKS.A0100 (DIN Ma4)
AKS.A0097 (DIN N2O)
AKS.A0145 (DIN O2)
AKS.A0103 (DIN Sa7)
AKS.A0187 (DIN N2)