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Glass Area Control Units
Glass Area Control Units
Glass Area Control Units
Glass Area Control Units
Glass Area Control Units
Glass Area Control Units
Glass Area Control Units

Glass Area Control Units

  • Pressure monitoring of the distribution system is done by pressure sensors and the pressure
  • statuses are indicated on the alarm panel.
  • Control with input isolation valve.
  • The valves feature teflon seals flat face for ease of connection to copper stub pipe assemblies.
  • Gas special emergency service supply outlet at output (NIST)
  • Forward facing NİST connectors are fitted ups upstream and downstream of the valve.
  • The NİST connectors provide the facility to purge a system before the working gas is introduced.
  • They also equipped with pressure switches and vacuum downstream of the zone control unit to
  • the audible-visible alarm units.
  • For maintenance and repair work, individual parts of the system can be shut-off without interrupting
  • the whole gas supply.
  • For Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, 4 bar Compressed Air, 8 bar Compressed
  • Air, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide equipped with:
  • Manometer displaying system pressure,
  • System isolation valve,
  • Gas specific emergency service supply outlet inlet downstream of
  • the system isolation valve,
  • Low-high pressure switch.
  • For vacuum:
  • Vacuum meter displaying vacuum value,
  • System isolation valve,
  • Vacuum switch.


Product Name : Area Valve Service Units
Product Code : MGS.A0023
Dimensions : Height Varies with model
With Varies with model
Depth Varies with model
Weight Varies with model
LCD Screen Dimensions : 2x16 (optionally varies to customer)
Temperature : 10 to 40° C
Humidity : 10 to %95 R.H. Non-condensing
Air Pressure Operating : 0,1 to 800 Pa
Supply Voltage : 220, 50 Hz.
Operating Pressure Range : C o mpressed Gas: 0 - 8.5 bar
Vacuum : -760 mm Hg to 0


Operating Conditions :

  • Ambient temperature : 10 to 40 C
  • Relative humidity : 10 to %95
  • Atmospheric pressure : 0,1 to 800 Pa
  • The unit is not suitable for operation is areas under the danger of any explosions.

The Requirements Of :

ISO 60601-1, ISO 60601-1-2, ISO 7396-1, ISO 14971, ISO 15223-1

  • HTM 02-01 / HTM 2022 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
  • EN ISO 7396-1 Pipelines for compressed medical gases and vacuum
  • EN ISO 18082 NIST Low pressure connectors for medical gases
  • EN 60601-1-8 Medical electrical equipment - Guidance for alarm systems
  • in medical electrical equipment