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Kale Model Pendant Unit
Kale Model Pendant Unit
Kale Model Pendant Unit

Kale Model Pendant Unit


Pendants, intensive care unit is a system about which side of service from the ceiling to provide all necessary services and device connections needed for medical gas and electricity supplies in the operating room and delivery room.

Aluminum profile
For supply of medical gases, compressed air, vacuum ( up to 12 medical gas outlets)
The integrated high strength pendant and arm are made of aluminum with anti-rust
Lifting capacity up to 150 kg
Radius of movement from 30°to 330˚
The flexibility of the arms makes patient access, working conditions, and cleaning of
treatment areas
Adjustable arm length for different height rooms
With pneumobrakes
Suitable for surgical, endoscopy and anesthesia applications


Docking Trolleys
Examination / Reading Lights
Transfer Systems
Catheter Brackets
IV Poles / Tubes
Monitor Support Arms
Medical Rail
Medical PC Mounting Brackets
Infusion Pump Mountings


General Operating Room
Hybrid Operating Room
C-Section Suite
Cath Lab
Intensive Care Unit
Emergency Department


Product Name Kale Pendant
Product Code PND.XXXX.00
Trunk Dimensions 900x391 mm
Energy 220 V 50 Hz
Electrical Equipment Commutator
4 Electrical Outlets
4 UPS outlet
2 Accessory Rail
2xGround node
Weight 45 kg
Gas Equipment 2xVAC outlet, 2xO2 outlet,
2xMA4 OUTLET provision
Meterial DKP Plate
Color Ral Color Scale

EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485
EN ISO 11197
EN ISO 7396-1
EN ISO 14971
EN ISO 93/41/EC
HTM 0201