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Line (bridge) Model Bed Head Units
Line (bridge) Model Bed Head Units
Line (bridge) Model Bed Head Units

Line (bridge) Model Bed Head Units


In specific care areas in the hospital, such as intensive care units, pre-operative patient rooms, post-operative recovery rooms. It is necessary to connect the patient to several different devices and depending on the condition of the patient, specially designed bedhead units that are equipment necessary for the patient’s care to be connected manner near the patient’s head, without the clutter of cables.

Bridge Type İntensive Care Unit for observation in the intensive care room lounge, angiography service. In places; medical gas, electricity and related services side of the system that are necessary to ensure that all services and device connections need.

Docking Trolleys
Examination / Reading Lights
Transfer Systems
Catheter Brackets
IV Poles / Tubes
Monitor Support Arms
Medical Rail
Infusion Pump Mountings


Product Name Line Model
Product Code YBU.XXXX.00
Trunk Dimensions 2500x3000 mm
Energy 220 V 50 Hz
Electrical Equipment Commutator
6 Electrical Outlets
6 UPS outlet
Telephone Socket
4xGround node
Accessory Rail
Weight 10 kg
Gas Equipment 3xVAC outlet, 3xO2 outlet,
2XMA4 OUTLET 1 provision
Material DKP Plate
Color Ral Color Scale

EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485
EN ISO 11197
EN ISO 7396-1
EN ISO 14971
MDD 93/41/EC
HTM 0201