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Medical Vacuum Plants
Medical Vacuum Plants

Medical Vacuum Plants


Central Medical Vacuum Supply Systems is used to provide a realiable and continuous suction in various departments of a hospital, such as Operation Areas, İntensive Care Units, Coronary and Neonatal Care Units, Delivery and Emergency Departments and also Patient wards, where vacuum is needed, to supply a safe vacuum source. The vacuum plant can be configured as a packaged or modular system.

Medical vacuum plants are made up of:

  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Bacterial Filter Group
  • Vacuum Tank
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Vacuum Switch
  • Connection Equipment

HTM 2022
HTM 02-01
ISO 9001:2000
EN 46001:1997
ISO 13485:2001

  • Intelligent control system
  • Digital display available on request
  • Factory tested and certified.
  • Compact and modular design
  • Integrated network alarm system
  • Medical type high efficiency bacteria filters
  • The system has automatic and manual operation feature
  • Advanced design and high-quality materials
  • Complies with NF EN İSO 7396-1 and HTM BS standard
  • All interconnection piping and copper connections are supplied as an integral part of the system,
  • making installation even easier.