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Nurse Call Systems
Nurse Call Systems
Nurse Call Systems
Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems


One of the important systems increases rapidly as facilities in hospital today use of modern technology in the health sector are also hospital paging systems. The use of these systems in developed countries and is rapidly increasing production. This is basically an IP-based project is a project aimed at building on the production. of new hospital paging systems. İn this context, patient rooms, the hospital bedside and in the design of the equipment to be used in other places, and the production will be realized. İn-based systems from one central location and time can be controlled in each room of the hospital without limit of space.

Nurse Call Systems

The patient, the room, the patient toilets and bathrooms in and be able to call the nurse in the room in an emergency observation, that of nurses to address the call Door Mounted Warning Lamps, nurses call panali found in desk, nurse call pager with transmitting and nurses of the registration of the smart card is used and communication and automation system that is reporting. 

Blue Code System

Basic Life Support course of the hospital (CPR) in case of need.

Pink Code System

Newborn and child security theatening cases in hospital.

White Code System

Patients is hospitals and employees of physical assault, which in case they are exposed to sexual harassment and violence Room Control from the panel, the service call nurses in the support panel and to make a call from the Emergency Call Panel in the emergency room, which the code team about the address of the call pager pagers and if the DECT cordless telephone transmitting and repording the response team performance with smart cards used by the staff and repording, if necessary, the hospital has access control and automation system is a commination system that allows the automatic closure of the gateway. 

Hospital Call System

Nurse Call System, System Code Blue, Pink Code System, and Consultant
Doctor White Code System, Call System and is composed of them worked
together and managed as an integrated communications and automation