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In operating theaters and specific care areas in the hospital, such as intensive care units preoperative patient preparation rooms, post-operative recovery rooms, etc. Efficient use of space is the patient bed. Equipment and devices, of different sizes and structures, are utilized in these areas and these need to be located in a stable and easily accessible manner. All these equipment, their cables and hoses,  may clutter up the area in such a way that it would become very difficult for the medical staff to perform their tasks. 

Specially designed pendant arms, equipped with consoles, shelves, I.V. / infusion pump holder, electrical sockets, medical gas outlets, etc. Allow for placement of these devices on the pendant arm and the connection off all equipment necessary for the patient’s care to be connected to these services, in an organized manner near the operating table or the patient bed, without the clutter of cables, and thus make it possible for the medical staff to reach near the patient and perform their work in a comfortable manner. 

It’s provides Flexible positioning, optimized usage of space in operating theaters and intensive care units


Docking Trolleys
Examination Lights
Catheter Brackets
IV Poles/Tubes
Monitor Support Arms
Medical Rail
Medical PC Mounting Brackets
Infusion Pump Mountings

EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485
EN ISO 11197
EN ISO 7396-1
EN ISO 14971
EN ISO 93/41/EC
HTM 0201