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Standard Nisan Model Bed Head Units
Standard Nisan Model Bed Head Units
Standard Nisan Model Bed Head Units

Standard Nisan Model Bed Head Units


The patient bedside units, in accordance with the relevant standards are manufactured using our own felicities first class instruments. According to practical use, lighting options grounded electrical outlets, telephone sockets and medical gas outlets that have been specially designed. Optionally, in addition to our custom designed and manufactured products it may be included in nurse call systems equipment.

Soft model can use in specific care areas in the hospital, such as intensive care units, pre-operative patient preparation rooms, post-operative recovery rooms, etc.

The aluminum profiles are drawn and anodized in natural color, however, the front caps can be electrostatic powder coated in a variety of colors texture and material features and to complement the unit with a functional look.

The trunk profile of the bedhead unit that has an integrated accessories rail, allows for the connection of other equipment such as I.V. poles, monitor shelves, ventilator shelves, mayo tables, sphygmomanometers, etc. That may be used in specific areas like intensive care units.

All equipment and accessories are within easy use for users. Soft models are suitable for wall - mounted, vertical or ceiling suspended installation in any given length.

Wall mounting system by plugs and screws suitable for each support. Different standards gas quick outlets - DIN, NF, BS.


Docking Trolleys Examination / Reading Lights Transfer Systems Catheter Brackets IV Poles / Tubes Monitor Support Arms Medical Rail Infusion Pump Mountings Basket 


Product Name: Standard Nisan Model

Product Code: HBU.XXXX.00

Trunk Dimensions: 263x98 mm

Energy: 220 V 50 Hz
Electrical Equipment: Commutator 2 Electrical Outlets Telephone Socket Nurse Call Socket Accessory Rail
Weight 10 kg
Gas Equipment VAC outlet, O2 outlet, 1 provision
Material DKP Plate

Color Ral Color Scale

Color coded to customer requirements Integral medical rails Supplied pre-piped, pre-wired, fully tested and certified In addition, units can be equipped with any desirable type or standard of electrical and medical gas outlets. Easy cleaning and disinfection


 EN ISO 9001

EN ISO 13485

EN ISO 11197

EN ISO 7396-1

EN ISO 14971

MDD 93/41/EC

HTM 0201