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Tableau Bed Head Units
Tableau Bed Head Units

Tableau Bed Head Units


In the design of the ‘’ TABLEAU’’ bedhead unit, aesthetic satisfaction and comfortable environment use have been taken as basis; and in order to reduce a clinical appearance, while providing easy access to medical gas outlets and electrical services, the equipment are installed behind a portrait that opens by sliding to the side on rail and a compartment that can be opened, that is mounted on a wooden panel.
This functionality, also offers a very flexible decoration range to the end-users. A flexible decoration range is provided to the end user, through leaving the selection of the wooden panel and the reproduction to be placed in the frame in harmony with the room’s decoration and the lighting fixture above the unit as options.
The units are designed with a special powder made of painted galvanized steel chassis system. This safe system of electricity and gas installations consist of separate section can be drawn. The units are provided with a telescopic moving double rail system and the rail system mounted on a movable table system. Units electrical outlets, besides grounding system an medical gas systems, there are also optional as nurse call systems.



.Docking Trolleys
.Examination / Reading Lights
.Transfer Systems
.Catheter Brackets
.IV Poles / Tubes
.Monitor Support Arms
.Medical Rail
.Infusion Pump Mountings
.Wood of your choice
.Color of your choice
.Smooth surface
.Easy cleaning
.Easy and quick installation


Product Name: Modula Model
Product Code: HBU.XXXX.00
Trunk Dimensions: 352x70 mm
Energy: 220 V 50 Hz
Electrical Equipment: Commutator
2 Electrical Outlets
Telephone Socket
Nurse Call Socket
Accessory Rail
Weight 10 kg
Gas Equipment VAC outlet, O2 outlet, 1 provision
Material DKP Plate
Color Ral Color Scale


EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485
EN ISO 11197
EN ISO 7396-1
EN ISO 14971
MDD 93/41/EC
HTM 0201